My art

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These are my art,some I am currently working on.
  1. banette wallpaper
  2. Toughy puff
  3. Alpha beyond
  4. Alpha deep blue gray
  5. cute omega... a picture that will never happen... EVER!!! O3o
  6. Shroud the rayquaza V2 
Now this took a long time to make but it was worth it! |3
  7. Alpha confused... yet hes still cute x3
  8. Latris the new latias!
  9. Alpha avatar that I made... I make lots of avatars o3o
  10. Say hi to alpha :B
  11. A test to see wut alpha looks like as a fire copy ability. o3o
  12. This took me time to make but it came out awesome! x3
  13. chibi alpha x333
  14. Alpha pic 1
  15. SD DA webcam 1
  16. SD Deviantart ID 1
  17. SD icon contest entry big1
  18. SD icon contest entry small1
  19. Smiley 1 (O.o)
  20. Smiley 2 (8D)
  21. Crazy Eddsworld avatar
  22. My picture thingy!
  23. Scotty
  24. I have no idea what it is and I drew it... Its a ghost but my friends thinks its a black turnip with a mask! XD
  25. Power PWNS!!! :U
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