Pictures from our sailing.
  1. Before repair
  2. 2 masts now!
  3. Me
  4. My room... The table you see on the lower right is foldable, and the sofa you see also doubles as a bed. Guitar is extra cool points, right?
  5. Another angle, where you see the bed sheets being nicely rolled (hehe <.<) up in the small "box". Also notice the DS beside the bed ;)
  6. And here for the coolest Sci-Fi equipment in my room - I give you the Radio Direction Finder! It actually has a use beside looking cool!
  7. Boat without the included sister
  8. The boat... With a sister, no additional costs!
  9. Pic of pups that are about 3 days old for the people that may be interested... Okay, I admit, I adore 'em :P
  10. Close-up of the weirdo
  11. Even more boat
  12. The boat again
  13. The boat
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